Welcome to Franks' Well Drilling, we are a family owned and operated San Diego well drilling business. We have been servicing Southern California with water well construction and pump installation for 30 years. We specialize in every area of your well needs whether drilling a new well or repairing an existing problem with any of your well equipment. We can handle any or all of your pump or well problems. We pride ourselves and making your system as hassle free and easy to use as possible. Water well & pump installation isn’t the only service we have to offer, we also rehabilitate and deepen existing wells. Our pump and service department has extremely knowledgeable technicians to attend to your every need. Maybe pulling water out of the ground is not what you are looking for, we also provide well certifications, and do water samples and we can destroy existing wells which must be done by a licensed well drilling contractor. We Pride ourselves in our work, and because of that we pride ourselves more in keeping a trusting and in depth relationship with our customers.

  • Well Deepening
  • Quality Well & Well Pumping Services

About us

  • Well Inspection
  • Water Well Testing
  • Storage Tanks
  • Filters


  • Residential Water Well Drilling
  • Irrigation Water Well Drilling
  • Air Rotary Drilling
  • Air Rotary with Casing Hammer